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Riley could not believe that on her 16th birthday, she got a new car and finally felt the sense of independence which she had always waited.  As if that feeling was not exciting enough, her soon-to-be boyfriend was awaiting a text to confirm that they would start being a couple.  One text take her eyes off the road puts Riley in the hospital fighting for her life. Riley can hear what is being said to her and imagines herself sitting up and full of life like a regular teen.  In episode 6, Riley's mother continues doing everything she can to keep positive and hopeful that her daughter will wake up.  Her mom plays a video message from her best friend, talks about how when Riley wakes up and she will encourage her to live her life and not text it away. Riley panics as she feels her body shutting down and promises that if given another chance, she will live her life differently.  She promises to look at people instead of down at her phone and that nothing is worth answering when behind the wheel.  She realizes that being face to face with the boy she likes, feeling her heart pounding, is so much better than talking the easy way out by typing her feelings alone in her room.  Unfortunately, these realizations come a little too late.


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